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Baking Means Business November 4, 2009

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Well here we are, Cakeybake’s first official WordPress blog post. It is a monumental event indeed. The places we will go and the people we will meet shall indeed be exciting!

Carrot Cupcake

Everyone loves cupcakes!

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Now, down to the meat of it. Starting a business is a daunting task. There are already millions of businesses out there and the big guys are looking to crush the seeds of entrepreneurship before they get the first lick of sunshine. Cakeybake was just an idea about eight months ago. A lot of brainstorming and ideas have gotten passed back and forth since then.

Sometime soon in the future (I hope), Cakeybake will launch as a full fledged online bakery. However, in order to establish clientele, one needs to get out there and market, advertise, flaunt their stuff!

Iphone Cupcakes

Fondant Icon Iphone Cupcakes for All!

And so, is born. In this blog we will discover experimental cupcake recipes for cakeybake, healthy recipes and review other people’s recipes. Maybe they’ll be good. Most importantly, I hope Cakeybake will begin to grow into the moneymaking, client pleasing, photographically crushing MENACE I want it to be! Gung ho, sally forth, no dilly dallying…LET IT BEGIN!!!


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