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Happy Wednesday and Rose Training November 11, 2009

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Hello all!

picture of outside

Now THAT was a lovely afternoon!

I hope you’re all having a glorious Wednesday afternoon. I know it has been a perfect day here in Tuscaloosa. The leaves are all changing colors, the breeze is cool and refreshing and the sunlight is shining for all to enjoy.

picture of a rose

These flowers are so soft and delicate.

Ahh, it seems a lovely day to make cupcakes, doesn’t it? Then again…for me, every day is a good day to make cupcakes!

Last night, I received instructions on how to properly create decorative roses with a pastry bag and a steady hand! Soon I will master it and create cupcakes with beautiful and tasty roses on them. 🙂

The blog is getting higher numbers of views each day! I’m very grateful for the support and I hope Cakeybake starts gathering a bigger and bigger following. Perhaps someday my delicious readers will also comment. 😉 That will be the day, mm?


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