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The Bake Sale November 22, 2009

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Well, there were good times and bad times. The grad school ended up taking all the profit, because they apparently were under the impression that I was “donating” the cupcakes.

That’s okay though, because Cakeybake cupcakes did end up selling out, within just an hour of setting up! So, success on the purchasing part, fail on the bank account!

Here are some pics of the baking and the ingredients I used.


ingredients picture

This is high quality stuff right here.

I like to use brown cage free eggs because I personally feel like they taste better. They are a tiny bit more expensive, but at Bruno’s or Publix it is usually only 2.50$ for 12 eggs.

I only use Pure Vanilla extract, and to be honest I don’t feel like the brand makes that big of a difference, but the fact that it is 100% Pure Vanilla Extract can make or break the cakes AND the frosting.


picture of wet ingredients

Never put your flour and sugar in first.

I personally like to have the butter melted, not just softened, when I am making frosting. I think it creates a smoother effect. Surely fancy pastry chefs will disagree, but just put my cupcake in your mouth and be happy. 🙂

One rule I ALWAYS follow is to put wet ingredients in your mixture first. I also like to bake in small batches at a time to find out exactly how many small batches it takes to make the perfect amount. This way there is never a ridiculous waste of ingredients. I find that three small batches of frosting puts a nice amount on each cake for a dozen.

This was actually a learning experience for me, because I was unhappy with the amount that two batches of frosting yielded for the cakes.

picture of cupcakes

Nice, light and fluffy

The first batch and second batch of cakes came out perfect. Unfortunately, the chocolate batch of cakes was a wee bit dry for my taste, but because of the time constraint, I had to finish up. I’ll know for next time to check twice every time!

All in all this was a good learning experience. It was my first bake sale and the pressure got to me a little, especially when I found out I was not going to make my money back. 😦

Alas, the baking will go on!





Happy Wednesday and Rose Training November 11, 2009

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Hello all!

picture of outside

Now THAT was a lovely afternoon!

I hope you’re all having a glorious Wednesday afternoon. I know it has been a perfect day here in Tuscaloosa. The leaves are all changing colors, the breeze is cool and refreshing and the sunlight is shining for all to enjoy.

picture of a rose

These flowers are so soft and delicate.

Ahh, it seems a lovely day to make cupcakes, doesn’t it? Then again…for me, every day is a good day to make cupcakes!

Last night, I received instructions on how to properly create decorative roses with a pastry bag and a steady hand! Soon I will master it and create cupcakes with beautiful and tasty roses on them. 🙂

The blog is getting higher numbers of views each day! I’m very grateful for the support and I hope Cakeybake starts gathering a bigger and bigger following. Perhaps someday my delicious readers will also comment. 😉 That will be the day, mm?


Baking Means Business November 4, 2009

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Well here we are, Cakeybake’s first official WordPress blog post. It is a monumental event indeed. The places we will go and the people we will meet shall indeed be exciting!

Carrot Cupcake

Everyone loves cupcakes!

Before we begin, don’t forget to

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* Chat instantly- AIM username Cakeybaketalk

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Now, down to the meat of it. Starting a business is a daunting task. There are already millions of businesses out there and the big guys are looking to crush the seeds of entrepreneurship before they get the first lick of sunshine. Cakeybake was just an idea about eight months ago. A lot of brainstorming and ideas have gotten passed back and forth since then.

Sometime soon in the future (I hope), Cakeybake will launch as a full fledged online bakery. However, in order to establish clientele, one needs to get out there and market, advertise, flaunt their stuff!

Iphone Cupcakes

Fondant Icon Iphone Cupcakes for All!

And so, is born. In this blog we will discover experimental cupcake recipes for cakeybake, healthy recipes and review other people’s recipes. Maybe they’ll be good. Most importantly, I hope Cakeybake will begin to grow into the moneymaking, client pleasing, photographically crushing MENACE I want it to be! Gung ho, sally forth, no dilly dallying…LET IT BEGIN!!!