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A Little Re-vamp November 23, 2009

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So, let’s be honest here.
The Cakeybake theme wasn’t doin’ it for you, was it?
Because it certainly wasn’t doin’ it for me.
In honor of refreshment that the Thanksgiving break will give us and the MASSIVE amount of baking that I am going to be partaking in this season, I have re-looked the Cakeybake blog.
Also, just a secret between you and me…come a little closer… Cakeybake is soon to have it’s own website. 🙂
But not really Shh. Tell all your friends (You’re so Last Summer) sorry, slip into musical references sometimes.
But hey, it’s music monday on twitter, so we’ll use that as the music monday song. See? It was on purpose!

Silly you, doubting me.