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The Bake Sale November 22, 2009

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Well, there were good times and bad times. The grad school ended up taking all the profit, because they apparently were under the impression that I was “donating” the cupcakes.

That’s okay though, because Cakeybake cupcakes did end up selling out, within just an hour of setting up! So, success on the purchasing part, fail on the bank account!

Here are some pics of the baking and the ingredients I used.


ingredients picture

This is high quality stuff right here.

I like to use brown cage free eggs because I personally feel like they taste better. They are a tiny bit more expensive, but at Bruno’s or Publix it is usually only 2.50$ for 12 eggs.

I only use Pure Vanilla extract, and to be honest I don’t feel like the brand makes that big of a difference, but the fact that it is 100% Pure Vanilla Extract can make or break the cakes AND the frosting.


picture of wet ingredients

Never put your flour and sugar in first.

I personally like to have the butter melted, not just softened, when I am making frosting. I think it creates a smoother effect. Surely fancy pastry chefs will disagree, but just put my cupcake in your mouth and be happy. 🙂

One rule I ALWAYS follow is to put wet ingredients in your mixture first. I also like to bake in small batches at a time to find out exactly how many small batches it takes to make the perfect amount. This way there is never a ridiculous waste of ingredients. I find that three small batches of frosting puts a nice amount on each cake for a dozen.

This was actually a learning experience for me, because I was unhappy with the amount that two batches of frosting yielded for the cakes.

picture of cupcakes

Nice, light and fluffy

The first batch and second batch of cakes came out perfect. Unfortunately, the chocolate batch of cakes was a wee bit dry for my taste, but because of the time constraint, I had to finish up. I’ll know for next time to check twice every time!

All in all this was a good learning experience. It was my first bake sale and the pressure got to me a little, especially when I found out I was not going to make my money back. 😦

Alas, the baking will go on!





Frosting November 9, 2009

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I have a question for you all.

What’s your favorite type of frosting?

I would also ask for some suggestions on what flavors of frosting to try, whether the cake should only be chocolate/vanilla with flavored frosting, or if the cake itself should also be flavored.

I am going to look up several recipes on caramel sea salt frosting and try my hand. Pictures, directions and review soon to follow!

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The Youtube account is still under construction, but if you want to keep up, go ahead and subscribe, and you’ll be one of the very first folks to see the Official Cakeybake Youtube site!!!

Thanks for your support, and make sure to comment and leave your suggestions for what your favorite frosting is, if cakes should be flavored or just the frosting, and what new frostings we should try!